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Geek Jarvis has been delivering comprehensive IT outsourcing services for the past two decades. We are known for our expertise in successfully combining technology, business domain knowledge and the latest methodologies to deliver quality solutions that take the client business to new heights.

We deliver end-to-end software solutions which include designing, coding, testing, deployment, maintenance and online marketing for new projects and we also provide maintenance and upgradation services for ongoing projects.

Choose from a wide range of services offered by our tech experts and get the most from your software. We have a solution for product catalogues as well as for enterprise-level ERP systems. Get the right solution for software development and deployment only at Geek Jarvis.

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    Reputation Management Services

    Reputation Management Services

    In today’s world all the businesses are growing faster on the pity of the internet. All the negative or positive business reviews and news goes viral very quickly. That’s why every business needs the business reputation management services. Geek Jarvis,a full-fledged digital organization knows how to properly protect your online reputation from the negative aspects with a perfect counterstep strategy.

    A reputation damaging campaign have the power to destroy your company’s reputation overnight. We are here to help you in this, first we make a strategy which is become the reputation savier when it comes on you. Your customer’s response time pre and post sale matter a lot and we take care about it completely, we addresses your customer’s concerns immediately.

    Our members monitor your website’s reputation and keep the bull’s eye on that 24×7 and try to respond as soon as noticed, before a little delay in response also make a small issue a big one, and can harm your business. All the complaints are not genuine we know but responding them are necessary for your business. We remove the negative comments, rebuild your reputation and grow you by showing your businesses positive aspects while they search about you online. Connect with us and build a great market value online now!

      Sometimes your business can suffer from few negative online propaganda against your businesses, it directly impacts on your business reputations. So you have to be prepared for that too either you are a startup or a big enterprise, to save your business reputation. Our team have the all kind of countersteps to save you from the propaganda. We will help to strategize a good plan against the negative reputation damaging in the market, before any negative feedback streaks on your business trustworthiness.
      The Google review, posts and comments shows your business standards online, as well as past comments and facebook and twitter uploads also do affects on your online business reputation. With the help of our team’s expertise you can highlight your positive aspect easily on search engines. We have the advanced SEO techniques for highlighting your business positive aspects in front of the audiences while they search about you on google or other search engines. We all use the Social media marketing and content marketing tricks to make sure your vibrants reviews are first highlighted on search results.
      We use the latest trendy SEO tricks to ensures that your positive reviews shows first and negative aspects moved down to the lowest search engine pages. Our SEO team works to making the high rank of the positive reviews and negative aspect then will go pushed aside by your potential leads. In some special cases we also prefer the proprietary techniques to thoroughly rub out the negative results from the search results.
      We target the each and every listing website that is online and can influence your business. We mark down all the business listing major websites to list your business on that, we list on the websites such as yellow pages, linkedin, google, yelp, yahoo, google+, angie’s list, twitter and all other highly reputed online platforms to collect the good review from them. We also upload the fresh reviews the boost your business.
      We make an effort to connecting with your good and potential customers to give their feedback about your business. These all positive feedback will be posted on the all your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or whichever they choose) as well as build an testimonial section on your website for making an positive impression on the visitors.
      We provide you the authority of monitorings all the activities we are doing for making your good business reputation. The collected reviews first verified by you before sharing them on all your social media or online platforms. We provide you the daily updates of our activities done and weekly detailed reports. We take complete care of your business’s online reputation so that you can be focused on the more important things like growing your business, upgrading your products & service and generating the targeted revenues.

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